Hebrew web-applications by Bertrand Blanc
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Serge Frydman ORT High School & Ulpan teacher www.hebreu.org
Rina Katzen Professor at San Jose State University
me hebrew student
you whoever interested in adding more content with your own lists
mikledet Virtual keyboards in Hebrew (cursives and block letters with nikkud), French and English. Translation feature into 16 languages.
usage manual in PDF
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e-flashcards מִלִּים (FireFox & iPhone). Interprets lists of words (in XML format) with entries in Hebrew, French and English. eflashcard
verbs list in classical HTML format.
verbs list in RSS feed (FireFox & iPhone) allows a direct access to conjugation tables in PDF. verbs
CLOZE test renderer with overlayed help in French and English, rendering in both cursives and block letters. holes
CLOZE test generator allows a quick'n easy generation of section of code in XML which will be afterwards interpreted by the CLOZE test renderer.
RSS feed "mot de l'hébreu", in French exclusively (FireFox): mot
RSS feed "mot de l'hébreu du jour", in French exclusively using iPhone free RSS application "xFeed RSS Reader". mot iphone
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